Award-Winning Design

Beautiful, striking design customized to your needs.

With skillful design, Davitt’s talented team of architects will customize the look, feel, and functionality of your home to enhance your lifestyle. Whether your dream is a charming New England coastal home with beachfront charm, an elegant primary residence with luxurious features, or the transformation of one of your existing living spaces, we can help make your vision a reality. The homes we design elevate everyday living to a fine art. Our excellence in design, construction, and renovation has earned us more than sixty regional and national awards as well as the recognition of prestigious publications such as Fine Homebuilding, New England Home, and Coastal Living who have showcased our work.

Quality Craftsmanship

Built to last, with stunning attention to detail.

After more than thirty years in the business, Davitt has perfected the craft of building and restoring fine homes. Davitt’s skilled project managers and lead carpenters work with the highest attention to detail, constantly monitoring the quality of the work being completed to create beautifully crafted homes every time. From the materials used to the fashioning of each custom feature, Davitt’s craftsmanship is synonymous with quality.

Full Transparency

For Davitt, transparency equals trust.

Architectural design without budgetary oversight is like shopping without a spending limit. At Davitt, we know how important it is for your carefully planned vision to become a reality without exceeding your bottom line. We also know you need a design/build solution you can trust to provide you with choices based on accurate pricing information from the project’s outset. Before building or restoring a home, our team creates a detailed budget broken down by individual item cost by room. This methodically itemized budget allows you complete control over cost and allows you to make informed aesthetic decisions. That’s transparency.

Clear Communication

You set the vision for your home; we listen and communicate to achieve it each step of the way.

For us, clear communication means honest communication and regular updates. Beginning at the project outset, we clearly define our responsibilities and create a detailed budget and schedule of your project. Most importantly, we stick to this budget and this schedule and keep you updated throughout the process. Whether you are located nearby or overseeing a project remotely, we understand the importance of regular touchpoints throughout your design/build or restoration journey. With our organized project manager team, you can expect to receive an agenda with prioritized items before each weekly meeting and detailed minutes to confirm next steps afterward. For us, this is about more than organization— it’s about following through on our promises.

Easy Decision-Making

We’ve simplified the decision-making process to make the design/build process more enjoyable and the restoration process less stressful.

We’ve taken measures to break down our processes into straightforward, manageable steps. For clients building or renovating homes, this means enjoying the process of making your material and design choices in the easiest way possible. Our client selection worksheet and timetable are organized according to when you will need to make each decision to keep the process running smoothly. For clients restoring property damage, our thirty years of construction experience allows us to streamline decision-making during your time of crisis. You can trust us to look out for your best interests throughout your restoration process—from our emergency response to our sound estimating practices.

Seamless Project Management

From design conception to construction completion, we handle everything to accomplish your vision.

With our innovative design/build model, our Davitt team has the experience and expertise to manage your project from start to finish. From the outset of your design/build or restoration journey with Davitt, you will speak directly with a project manager who will be part of your team until completion and beyond. After listening to your vision, your project manager will oversee the entire process— from managing architect and subcontractor teams to preparing zoning variances or coastal permitting— to ensure your project is on schedule and on budget. After all, Davitt runs like a business, not like a contractor.

Client for Life Philosophy

As a Davitt client, you can have confidence we will be there to care for your home when you need us.

When construction or restoration ends, your relationship with Davitt is just beginning. You can count on Davitt to help you with future needs, big or small. Big, such as emergency response and property restoration services should disaster strike. Small, such as small touch-ups or removing a bird’s nest from your chimney years after your home is completed. To us, having you as a client means using our history with your home to support you well beyond the completion of your first project.

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