Idlewild Featured in RI Monthly Home Design Issue

TAMING IDLEWILD – a historic mid-nineteenth century home in Narragansett is meticulously restored to honor its past and meet the needs of its new owners.

by: Jennifer Steffy Sanson

The deal that procured this house for its current owners was years in the making.  It wasn’t the result of a long-fought battle between the seller and buyer, it was forged congenially over time, the culmination of a friendship that took shape over many afternoon cocktails hours.  The older gentleman who owned the property developed a relationship with a family from the Lone Star State that owned a neighboring vacation home.  Whenever the Texans were in town, a Northeast-meets-Southwest afternoon cordial was in order. When the gentleman decided it was time to sell his year-round home, offering to pass its storied torch to his Texas friends, who had always admired it, seemed the neighborly thing to do.


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