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The quality of their carpentry was poetic, clearly exemplary...

From the fall of 2000 until early 2002, Davitt Design Build Inc. built a two level house for me in Narragansett, RI. The house is very small, some 22 feet in diameter. It replaces a similar round building dating from the early 1890’s, which unfortunately had to be demolished. To the extent possible, materials from the early structure were reused.

The quality of their carpentry was poetic, clearly exemplary and the availability of the project manager created a professional and courteous relationship.

Very Truly Yours,
Jane Donovan

Davitt Design Build made this event, and the final product, one that we cherish...

When we first considered building a home, people tried to dissuade us. “Building a home is one of the most stressful things you can do. It tears couples apart.” – Those people clearly didn’t work with Davitt Design Build.

Each individual who worked on our home made the process one to be relished. The level of professionalism, flexibility, concern and trust harks to a time gone by. A time when pride in a project was paramount. When a man’s word was sufficient.

Davitt Design Build made this event, and the final product, one that we cherish. The friendships, the creativity and the collaboration are experiences we would not have wanted to miss. It was a tremendously rewarding adventure.

Though our contact with Davitt Design will decrease as they move on to other projects, we take comfort in the words of Arthur Erikson, “Whenever we witness art in a building, we are aware of an energy contained in it.”

We know that energy is Matt Davitt and his incredible team. It has been an honor working with each of you.

Jim and Mary Sullivan

Thank you very much for designing and building us such a beautiful house...

Thank you for helping us out of a difficult situation and fitting our project into your tight schedule.

Thank you for the beautiful workmanship and the use of quality materials.

Thank you for getting us out of the beach house and getting us into a house with a furnace before the pipes froze and the snow flew.

Thank you for the overall exceptional quality of your company and the kindness and professionalism that we received from everyone at Davitt Design Build.

Thank you for Jay who worked hard and was always willing to do “Just one more thing.”

Thank you for Todd Nelligan. We never would have been able to complete the project without Todd’s incredible ability and skill, insistence on perfection, dedication to detail, kindness and helpfulness in our times of indecision. Todd was always available and acted as our advocate. He was wonderful!!

Please use us as a reference. We would love to tell prospective clients how wonderful Davitt Design Build was to us.

Thank you again for everything.

Glenna and Louis Giordano

Without your expertise, we likely would have lost out on what we were entitled to by our insurance policy...

Please accept this letter as formal show of gratitude for the work and support of Davitt Design Build. As you know, in August, 2008, we suffered a catastrophic house fire at our beach home in Matunuck. After a frustrating series of meetings with builders who knew little about working with insurance claim restoration, we had the opportunity to meet with you. From minute one, you portrayed confidence and reassurance that you would help us to restore our home to its original beautiful state-and even better. We further researched your long standing reputation and were impressed with the materials about your company and its members. The materials stated that your actions were based on trust and respect for the client. This was true throughout the process.

Your project manager, Dean Darling, is not only patient and kind, but also a skillful builder who understood the complexity of the changes that we wanted to make and assured us that he would find the best solutions. He was always mindful of costs as well as outcomes. He saw us at our worst and always worked with patience and a smile. We remain grateful to him. Your entire crew is incredibly dedicated and hard working. In the dead of winter with a storm on the way, your staff worked diligently to complete the roof and to move the project forward. No obstacle was insurmountable. That attitude and approach left us with every confidence at every turn. As you know, we currently live in CT and often our only connection was to visit the property on the weekends. We were never disappointed-and often staff were even working then. The parts of the project that you outsourced will also accomplished by fine individuals-whether it was a cleaning crew or an electrician or painter, the work was always of the highest quality. Whether it was Jeff’s skillful carpentry, Ken’s prowess in searching for materials, or the kindness of your business office, we were continuously inspired by your staff.

We remain extremely grateful for your work with the insurance company. As you know, the house was in RI, the insurance company was in Boston, the bank was in Michigan and their inspector was in Texas, while we lived in CT. You were patient when you needed to be and pushed the insurance company when you needed to. We can’t thank you enough for those efforts. For example, you knew that the chimney was compromised and even had it condemned, as you knew it should be, to require the insurance company to act. Your work with the mortgage company was equally as skillful. We know that without your expertise, we likely would have lost out on what we were entitled to by our insurance policy. We remain grateful to you personally for all of your efforts.

You and your staff have truly made us feel a part of the “Davitt” family. We recommend your services to all that we meet. We also know that when we are ready for our next project (garage, addition?), we know that calling you will be the first call that we make. If any future client is interested in your work, please never hesitate to send them our way to either see your work as well as to speak with us. It has been an honor and pleasure to work with you, Dean, and the entire Davitt crew.

With gratitude,
Pat and Eileen Howley

Excerpt from the Narragansett Times 6/8/11

“We had seen Davitt’s work on the other waterfront homes and there was no doubt they were meticulous and talented. But we had no idea how much experience they had helping clients overcome zoning obstacles. Their level of involvement and understanding of how to navigate the process and negotiate on our behalf was unexpected and impressive.”

“The end result was more than we ever hoped for. Our little 1950’s cottage has been transformed into a beautifully crafted, two-story home, with sublime architectural details, big enough for the family and with a magnificent ocean view. We couldn’t be happier.”

Barry Morris